Thumbnails of St Laurence's Church and the Castle, Ludlow, Shropshire

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Richard Duke of York and his son Edward IV in stained glass in the church

Edward Prince of Wales (Edward V) and Arthur Prince of Wales in stained glass in the church

Richard Duke of York, father to Edward IV and Richard III

Edward IV

Falcon and fetterlock misericord in the church

Yorkist roses on misericord in the church

Mortimer's Tower. Possibly the Duke of York and Edward of March escaped from the castle this way after the rout of Ludford in 1459

Arms of Sir Henry Sidney over the gatehouse of the castle

The first floor of the great tower

Garderobe chamber off the room on the left

Looking out toward's Queen Mary's gate and the postern tower

The judges' lodgings

The north range

The well

The Chapel of St Mary Magdalene

The great chamber block and Tudor lodgings

Stone corbels to support the floor joists

Stone corbels to support the roof

Possibly the part where Edward Prince of Wales lived (Edward V)

Carved head in the chapel on a corbel supporting the gallery

Carving above the windows in the chapel

Carving over the doorway in the chapel

Carving over the doorway in the chapel

In the judges' lodging

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